How to Log Onto the Internet

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Most people who use a computer have Internet access. Computers commonly come with Internet Explorer, which is one of the software browsers you can use to connect to the Internet. You can also use Firefox, Opera and Netscape to connect to the Internet. Logging on to the Internet is easy once you know how to do it.

Step 1

Sign up for Internet access. In order to get on the Internet you must have a company that you pay to get connected. Most of the time today, it is a high-speed Internet connection, but you can also use dial-up or satellite.

Step 2

Get an Internet browser to use with your connection. After you have a service, you need to have a browser in order to connect with the Internet. You can use a wireless connection so you can connect all the computers in your home without having a hard wire. This is the easiest way to connect to the Internet.

Step 3

Start your Internet browser. You will find it on the "Start" menu, on your desktop or on the taskbar. Click on it and the Internet will open.

Step 4

Personalize your Internet access. Decide what you want to use as a home page. Most people use their email account or a search engine, but you can customize it to any page you want.

Step 5

Select "Tools" on your Internet explorer toolbar and "Internet Options." You can then decide on tab browsing and how you want it to work. Click on "Settings" next to tabs to see the options that are available to you.

Surf the net. Now that you have everything fixed the way you want it, you can start finding all those web pages that interest you.

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