How Do I View a Log of Logins on My Yahoo Mail Account?

By Matt Skaggs

A strong password is one of Yahoo’s strongest recommendations to keep your account secure.
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Yahoo provides a list of the most recent 20 times anyone has logged into your Yahoo account, though when viewing the list and clicking “View more,” older logins will appear. This list contains six pieces of information about each login so you have as much information as possible, especially to determine if someone has accessed your account without your permission.

Login List

After logging into Yahoo, access your Yahoo account information by clicking on your profile name. In the Sign-In and Security section, select “View your recent sign-in activity,” and your login list will appear. Your login list appears in chronological order and shows the date, time, access type, event and location, though you can change the location section to instead display the device's IP address.

Login Details

“Access type” specifies whether a login was from a mobile device, a computer browser or an application, such as Yahoo Messenger. “Event” refers to whether the login was to a specific Yahoo product, such as Yahoo Sports or Yahoo Finance, and in those cases the password was manually typed in. If "event" instead specifies only Yahoo Mail, that device was previously logged in, and in that case no password was typed in. By clicking “Location,” you can switch between displaying the location of the devices that logged in and the IP addresses of those devices.