How to Lock Column Width in Excel 2007

by Emmanuelle Douglas

Excel 2007 has protection features that can help you protect your worksheet. The protection features will prevent users from making unnecessary changes in the spreadsheet. Selecting the correct protection feature will ensure you limit users' ability to modify your Excel spreadsheet. Once the protection is activated, the users will see grayed out options when they attempt to make adjustments to protected areas in the worksheet.


Open Excel 2007 and click the "Office" button. Select "Open." Browse the files and locate the workbook. Click the workbook and select "Open."


Select the worksheet in the workbook where the locked column width will occur. Right click the column header and select the "Protection" tab. Make sure "Locked" is selected. Click "Ok."


Click the "Review" tab and select "Protect Sheet." Make sure the "Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells" is selected. De-select the option to "Select Locked Cell." Click "Ok."


Right click the column and notice the option to adjust the column width is grayed out and not available.

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