How to Locate a Satellite Mobile Phone Number

By Stephanie Ellen

Satellite phones use antennas to communicate with satellites.
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A satellite mobile phone is a type of phone that connects to the network via a satellite instead of a cell tower. They are similar in size and functionality to a cell phone. If you want to find someone's satellite mobile phone number, you won't be able to find the number through directory inquiries of 411. However, several unofficial directories have emerged on the Internet with compiled data from user forms, telemarketers and other databases. Searching these directories may help you locate the number you are looking for.

Step 1

Click the White Pages link at and then enter as much information as you know about the person. If the person you are seeking has a listing in the database, they will show up in the results listings. In order to get the full listing, including a phone number, you will have to pay a $1.95 fee (as of December 2010).

Step 2

Navigate to the Mobile Phone Number website at The search box on the front page lets you type in a person's name or a mobile phone number and lists on the following page whether it has found a result. If the person's mobile number is in the database, it will be listed in the right-hand column. This service is free but has a limited number of entries.

Step 3

Click the Mobile 118 link at The directory lists mobile numbers updated on a regular basis. The service is free. Once you click "Search the Directory" on the front page, you will be prompted to enter any information you know about the person. If the system finds a match for your inputs, the mobile number for the person will be listed on the following page.