How to Locate My Phone With GPS Tracking

by LaTasha Rogers

Many times people lose cell phones. It is sometimes hard to keep up with where a cell phone is at all times. Once you have realized that the cell phone is misplaced, the first thing most people do is call it. If the cell phone seems to be out of your vicinity, then you can track it using the GPS program that is installed in the cell phone.


Go to the InstaMapper website on your computer. Register or enter your user name and password to log in to the GPS tracking software.

Locate the map on the screen that shows a flashing red dot. The flashing dot is labeled with your user name. This represents the location of the cell phone.

Follow the location of the cell phone using the map.

Buddy Way

Create an account on Buddy Way. Complete the registration process by creating a user name and password.

Download the tracking software to your cell phone.

Sign in to the account on your computer to track your cell phone.


Register for Mologogo using your computer by creating a user name and password.

Download the mobile tracking software to your cell phone.

Log in to your Mologogo account and follow the procedure to locate your cell phone.

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