How to Locate a Person by Email Address

By LizaK

Locate someone with his email address.
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Sometimes you can use an email address to locate a person. If his email address has been set up with information including his name, address or phone number and that information is recent, you should be able to find him online. Free email addresses, though, can be set up without any identifying information, so that person could be impossible to trace in this manner.

Type the person's email address into a search engine. The results could be anything from a personal Web page to a school or work Web page where that email address is displayed. You will get different results from different search engines. You might simply discover that the email address is valid or you might find a website that includes personal information like addresses or phone numbers.

Join a social networking site like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Use the email address in the "search" or "find" links that you use to find friends on these sites. If the person has a social networking account with that particular site and he used his email address to sign up for it, you'll find him that way.

Use an email finder. There are lots of email finders, including People Look Up, 1Net Central and Yahoo. Most of them are paid services, but some have free trials or free basic information. Type the email address into these reverse look ups, and if there is any information on the Web about someone who is linked to his email address, the finder will give it to you. Not all of them are reverse look ups. Others will require you to put in different pieces of information.