How to Locate a Person in Chile

By Joanne Cichetti

Chile is a South American country having an estimated population of 16.7 million, according to the website InfoPlease. Whether tracing your long lost friends or family members, in Chile you have a number of free ways to go about finding a person. The key is to find any traceable information, such as phone number or email address that can help you get in touch with the person.

Search your friend on, which is a Chilean phone and address directory that lists information about people and businesses in Chile. Open the web page and select the link "Buscar personas" below the top search bar. "Buscar personas" is a Spanish term for finding people. Enter the person's name in the "Nombre de persona" field of the search bar, which means person's name. Enter the person's address in the "Direccion" field. If you do not have this information, you may leave the field blank. Click the black "Buscar" button to perform the search.

Yet another link on the page top "Buscar empresas" may be used to look for Chilean based companies in the same method.

Look for the person on a popular social network, such as Facebook. With Facebook hitting more than 500 million users (almost one-twelfth of the world), chances are high that your friend or relative would have registered for a Facebook account. Enter his full name on the top search bar and view the results.

Find the person on Pipl, a website dedicated to finding people around the world. Specify "Chile" in the country and enter the full name of the person you want to trace. If you have any other information, for instance his email address, you can use it to perform the search as well.