How to Locate People in Denmark (5 Steps)

By Eric Feigenbaum

Find friends in Denmark using simple online resources.
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Connecting with friends and family around the world has become easier in the age of the Internet. Today, you can find people in Denmark even if you only know a little about them. Use the correct spelling of first and last names and the name of the town in which they live. With this information, there several resources at your disposal to help you get in touch.

Step 1

Join or contact the National Danish-American Genealogical Society to identify your family lineage and make contact with relatives currently living in Denmark. If you have names of specific people, this can accelerate the process. The society offers programs to assist people in making connections.

Step 2

Call or visit the Danish National Registration Office (DNO), also known as Folkeregisteret in Danish. You will need both the correct spelling of your person's full name as well as their date of birth, or the office will not be able to help you. The DNO has information on all people who are current legal residents of Denmark, including resident aliens.

Step 3

Visit the online directory of your target's company or university if you know the person is affiliated with an organization. Copenhagen University, for example, has a student and faculty directory online which offers email addresses and telephone numbers.

Step 4

Use the Danish Data Archive that's available online to research current and historical census data. While contact information has been removed from the archives for privacy protection, the Danish Data Protection Agency retains the personal information in a separate, secured database. If you have a compelling reason for wanting contact information, you can contact the agency, which will likely check with the individuals for authorization before releasing details.

Step 5

Visit any Family History Library branch throughout the world. The library stocks microfilm of the Denmark State Archives, which contains such genealogical information as census data if you are trying to find lost family members. Many public libraries in Denmark also hold this information.