How to Locate My Mobile Phone Over the Internet


It is possible to track your mobile phone using the Internet.
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To comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, the mobile phone carriers and network providers decided to integrate GPS technology into mobile handsets. Federal e911 rules require that each cell phone must transmit and provide location privacy information in the event that you initiate a 911 call. Using the Google Latitude and the GPS technology, you can locate your cell phone over the Internet.

Step 1

Download tracking software from the Internet to your phone through such engines like uLocate and Wherify, which allow you to track your own phone if stolen or you want to know your children's locations. Buy a GPS chip and insert it in the back of your cell phone. These chips are tiny and are powered by the cell phone, making them virtually undetectable.

Step 2

Load the GPS tracking software to your PC to track the cell phone. Activate the tracking system to communicate with the phone via the PC. Select a wireless network provider or carrier that has an agreement with a Location Based Service (LBS) provider you like. Compare between LBS providers such as Accutracking, Mapquest Find Me, Sprint’s Mobile Locator and Wherify Wireless.

Step 3

Log in through a search engine or an LBS website, giving your account name and password to access the information required. Type in the phone number you are requesting information for and press "Search" to view the location of the cell phone (see Resources).

Step 4

Log onto Google Latitude or check Google Maps to find where your phone is. Visit the Google Latitude's main page with your phone and type in your phone number into the entry field to install the number directly. Use iGoogle to manipulate this mobile technology by creating a network with friends and inserting their latitudes, email addresses and cell phone numbers. The iGoogle will be able to locate your friends and you via the Internet.