How to Locate a Mobile Phone by GPS

By Palmer Owyoung

Enable GPS tracking so that you can find your mobile phone anywhere.
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Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system composed of 24 man-made satellites which were initially used by the military to track troop movements. However, the technology has evolved and is now widely available to the public. Many people use dedicated devices for marine and land navigation. But you can also install a GPS program on a mobile phone that will allow you to use it as a portable navigation system.

Create an account with a GPS tracking service. Three services that you can consider are Accutracking, Executrac and TrackingTheWorld. As of 2010, their fees range in price from $5.99 a month to $59 a year. These services will turn your web-enabled cell phone into an easy-to-use tracking device.

Register by providing your email address, cell phone number, user name, password and payment details.

Download and install the software. After registration, you will be sent a download link via email and text message, where you can get the application. Download the file and click on it. Agree to the "Terms and Agreements" click "Next" and follow the instructions given to you by the installation wizard until it is complete.

Log on to your online account using the user name and password that you were provided upon registration. You will be brought to a map where you can see a blinking dot. This is the location of your phone. You can now locate this mobile by GPS from any Internet-enabled device, including a computer, another mobile phone or PDA. You will be provided with such as the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and direction of the phone user, along with 30 days of historical data.