How to Locate Lost Electronic Keys

By Christina Sloane

Electronic car keys can be replaced by your insurance provider.
i Car key image by Corneliu C from

Electronic car keys, first introduced in the '90s, are a convenient way to open your car door or trunk from a short distance, sparing you the time and trouble of inserting a key into a lock and turning it, which can be uncomfortable in bad weather. Losing your electronic keys can be a stressful experience, as it prevents you from entering and driving your car. If you lost your lost electronic keys, there are several things you can try.

Scour the immediate area for your keys, including couch cushions, the trash, drawers, the refrigerator, your purse, shirt and trouser pockets, coat pockets, and, if your car is unlocked, your car’s ignition, seats and floorboard.

Use a sonic key finding device, if you have one. When you click the “find” button on one of these devices, your electronic key will react by emitting a loud sound and flashing a bright light. If your key is nearby, the sound and light will make it much easier for you to find.

Retrace the steps you took since you last used your car keys, continuing to search carefully and thoroughly. Check places where your keys may have been dropped after exiting the car, such as the gutter or in the bushes near your parking spot, and places you may have absentmindedly left your keys, such as your work desk. If you were at a friend’s house or at a store or restaurant, give them a call to see if you left your keys with them.