How to Locate the Address Book on a Mac

By Sophie Southern

Photo and book (c)2008 Alexia Petrakos

Apple's line of Mac computers includes the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. As of 2011, all Mac computers come with Apple's OS X operating system, which includes a variety of applications. "Safari," Apple's web browser, "Mail," the emailing program and "Address Book" are three of the primary applications that come with a Mac out of the box. You can use the "Address Book" application to keep track of contacts and organize them in groups. "Address Book" and all applications on the Mac can be accessed via the "Applications" folder.

Step 1

Click on your "Finder." You can access the "Finder" through your "Dock" by clicking the icon--it resembles a small face--which brings up a window. The "Finder" is your primary navigation tool for finding applications, folders and documents on your Mac. It features two ways to access your files; by navigating folder by folder in the main window, or by using the shortcuts on the left menu for your favorite items. You can add and remove items from the "Finder" shortcut menu by dragging and dropping the icon into the menu area.

Step 2

Click on your "Applications" folder. The "Applications" folder houses all of your programs, including software that comes with your Mac out of the box. To install new applications, drag them into the "Applications" folder. You can also access the "Applications" folder through the icon on the "Finder" shortcut menu.

Step 3

Double-click on "Address Book." Your "Applications" folder should list programs by alphabetical order. It if does not, select "View" from the top menu and choose "as List." You can also change the view by pressing the "Command" key--sometimes called the "Apple" key--and "3" simultaneously.

Step 4

Create a shortcut to your "Address Book" in the "Dock" by dragging the application icon and dropping it where you want to place it.