How to Get Free Local Channels on a TV With a Built in Digital Tuner

by Greyson Ferguson

Some cable and satellite providers offer local channels in the service package, but charge an additional fee. This is rather offsetting as individuals with an antenna are able to receive these stations free of charge. Thankfully, if you have a digital tuner on your TV you can view these stations with the help of an antenna, and you don't even need a digital to analog converter box, which is required if you have an analog CRT television.


Plug the digital antenna into a local power outlet, but don't turn it on, as you may get an electric shock during the installation process.


Connect the coaxial cable running from the antenna into the "Ant In" port on the TV.


Power on the TV and the antenna. Change the station with the TV's remote control to the station of your antenna input. You are now able to view this content without paying for it through a cable or satellite service provider.

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