How to Find Local High-Speed Cable Internet Providers

by Louise Balle

You don't have to settle for bad customer service and slow, unreliable connections. Because of the deregulation of public utilities over the past decade, consumers have more cable and Internet services to choose from. You may think that you only have one option for your cable Internet provider, but in many cases there are two or three options (especially in big cities). There's an easy method of finding high-speed cable Internet providers in your local area to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.


Visit the ISP Guide (see Resources). This website has a comprehensive listing of cable Internet providers in the United States. The ISP Guide is a great resource because it has links to cable Internet specials that are often not available on the cable providers' main websites.


Enter in your area code (or city and state where you live). Be sure that "Cable" is selected as your high-speed option. Since some cities are large (like New York City) and have different areas with varied coverages, it's best to enter in an area code.


Search through the list of available high-speed cable Internet providers. Find out the following: the monthly fee, the setup fee to begin service (if any), whether the service is unlimited or limited to a certain number of hours each week, and if a contract is required. You also need to find out what you will be charged for the cable modem and if you are required to purchase basic cable television service in order to have Internet at that price.


In addition to the ISP Guide, you can also use and to find cable Internet providers in your area.


You can also look for advertisements in your local newspaper for new high-speed cable Internet providers. From time to time, new companies get approval from local regulatory commissions to provide cable and high-speed Internet to customers, and it takes them some time to bring the news to the public.


  • check If your cable company is not offering you optimal service and you don't have other options to choose from in your area, you can also consider getting high-speed Internet through a DSL service with your phone company or DirecTV.

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