How to Load the Sharp EL-1801P

by Mandy Slake

The Sharp EL-1801P is a calculator that can print on a continuous feed tape using an ink roller. The device will still work without paper, but you won't be able to keep a paper copy of your calculations. When the roller runs out of ink, the text gets lighter until it disappears completely. Load a new ink roller or paper to restore the EL-1801P's printing capabilities.

Loading the Ink Roller

Step 1

Turn off the EL-1801P and remove the top cover.

Step 2

Locate the ink roller inside the compartment. It is on the right side. Grasp the top edge and pull the roller toward you. Lift upward when it comes free.

Step 3

Load the new roller and press it securely in place.

Reinstall the top cover.

Loading the Paper Roll

Step 1

Trim the leading edge of the new roll with a pair of scissors to make sure the edge is flat and straight.

Step 2

Insert the edge of the roll into the slot on the back of the calculator. The paper should feed off the bottom of the roll.

Step 3

Press the paper feed button until the end of the roll comes out of a slot in the top.

Lift the paper hanger and slide the roll onto the wire.

Items you will need

  • Scissors

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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