How to Load Paper into an HP Officejet All-in-One Printer

By Mike Parker

The HP Officejet series of all-in-one printers is designed to print on a variety of types and sizes of paper. The paper tray on the Officejet can accommodate letter, legal and A-4 sized paper. However, paper that is not stored properly or is exposed to extreme changes in humidity or temperature may curl at the edges, making proper loading difficult and result in paper jams or imprecise printing.

Grasp the front of the output tray located beneath the control panel. Remove the output tray by lifting the front of the tray up and pulling the tray out. Set the output tray aside.

Locate the paper width guide on the paper input tray. Slide the paper width guide toward the left to its widest position.

Select the amount of paper you wish to load into the paper tray. The paper should all be of one size. Hold the stack of paper with both hands. Tap the stack of paper against a hard surface to align the edges. Check the paper to ensure it is free of curled edges, rips, wrinkles, tears or any metallic objects such as staples or paper clips.

Place the stack of paper into the paper tray with the short edge forward. If you are using pre-printed letterhead paper, place the print side down. Push the stack of paper forward until it stops. Do not force the stack any further once it stops.

Slide the paper width guide toward the right until it is snug against the edge of the stack of paper. Check that the stack of paper does not exceed the width of the paper tray nor the height of the paper edge guide.

Grasp the output tray. Insert the output tray back into its position beneath the control panel and lower it into place.