How to Load MP3s to an iPod

by Contributor

There are a couple of ways to load MP3s onto an iPod. Once you synchronize your iTunes library with your iPod, you can listen to MP3s anywhere. Follow these steps to load MP3s onto an iPod.

Install iTunes. This software is free on the Internet and also comes with your iPod. You will need to insert the CD and follow the instructions in order to access your iPod.

Connect your iPod to your computer. Connect your USB cable or iPod dock to your machine and then plug it into your iPod.

Set up your iPod. By default, your iPod will automatically sync up with your iTunes library. To change it to manual, click the "iPod" in the "Source List" on the left and open up the settings. Click the "Summary" tab and then select "Manually Manage Music and Video."

Import music from CDs. To import MP3s from a CD, simply insert the CD and wait for the icon to appear in iTunes. Click it and then click "Import."

Add to library. You can also add files that you have downloaded. Open up iTunes and click "File" and "Add to Library." Browse the folder where you have MP3s saved and select "Choose."

Sync your iPod. If you have not changed your options, your iPod will begin loading MP3s automatically when you connect it to your computer. Wait for an "iPod Update is Complete" message in your iTunes window before disconnecting your iPod.

Drag and drop. To add files manually, simply drag the files from your library onto your iPod icon.


  • check Always remember to hit the "Eject" button near the "iPod" icon before disconnecting.
  • check When you add or delete a file on your iTunes library, it will be added or deleted on your iPod when you update.


  • close The first time you connect an iPod to a computer, it will ask if you want to synchronize. If you choose "Yes," all files on your iPod will be deleted and replaced with the files on the computer.