How to Load an iPod Without iTunes

by Melissa Warner

ITunes is the primary program to use with an iPod, but there are other ways to load an iPod without using iTunes. This process is most convenient for those using an iPod as a flash drive for word and picture files. However, keep in mind that only mp3 and .m4a files play on iPods, so you may need to install a program to convert files to work on your iPod if they are in any other format such as .wmv.


Plug your iPod into the USB drive on your computer using the white connector cord.


Click the "Start" button in the lower-left corner of the computer.


Scroll up to "My Computer" and click that option.


Click the "device with removable storage" that is your iPod.


Open your documents, pictures, videos or music folder in another window.


Highlight the files you wish to put on your iPod.


Hold the highlighted files down with a right click and drag onto the iPod screen.


Upon completion, eject the iPod safely by right-clicking the iPod choice on the "My Computer" screen.

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