How to Load Ibycus Maps to a GPS

by Si Kingston

Ibycus is a free map set manufactured in Canada. The map set comes with the Ibycus Topos software. The maps can be viewed on the computer, or downloaded to a GPS device. To install Ibycus maps to a GPS, you must have the Garmin MapSource software. This software will allow you to select portions of the map set that you want to utilize on the GPS. You can also download the entire map, if you have the internal disk space.

Download Garmin's MapSource. Click on the link provided in Resources and follow the prompts to install the software.

Click the download link online for the Ibycus map. The maps can take hours to download since they are large files.

Double-click to unzip the downloaded Ibycus file.

Double-click "Setup.exe" and select "Yes" to install the Ibycus Topos software. Accept the license agreement and select a place to install the software. Hit "Finish." The software loads the Ibycus maps in MapSource.

Connect the GPS device to the computer with the USB cable.

Open Garmin MapSource. Select the Ibycus Topos from the maps list.

Click the "Map Tool" at the top of the MapSource interface. Use the "Zoom" icons to zoom into a portion of the map. Use the Map Tool to designate an area of the map you want to download to the GPS. It is recommended that you download just one segment of the map at a time. Downloading the entire Ibycus map could take hours.

Click "Transfer" and "Send to." Hit "Find Device" and select the connected GPS in the browser window. Click "Send." MapSource will transfer that portion of the Ibycus map to the GPS. If the file is too large, MapSource will prompt you to reselect a smaller portion of the map. If you have plenty of internal disk space, you can go back and install a new segment of the map.


  • check You don't have to have a Garmin GPS to use Garmin MapSource software.

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