How to Load GPS Updates in a Lexus RX330

by Melissa King
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Many Lexus vehicles, including the RX330, can be upgraded with additional features such as a GPS navigation system. On occasion, typically every year, a new navigation system update is released on DVD. In some Lexus vehicles, the navigation system's DVD drive is hidden in the trunk or rear hatch. Before installing the update, the DVD drive must be accessed by removing the RX330's rear hatch deck board. After removing the deck board, the DVD may be inserted, and the update is installed on the system.

Step 1

Turn the vehicle's ignition switch to "On" or "ACC," then open the rear hatch.

Step 2

Pull up on the latch of the deck board sub-assembly to open it. Use the support rod to hold up the deck board.

Step 3

Press down on the two claws on the cover of the navigation DVD drive. Pull the cover away.

Hold down the "Push" button, and slide it to the left to remove the original navigation DVD. Insert the new DVD. The update loads automatically.


  • Some original navigation DVDs can be returned to the dealership for a rebate. Contact your nearest Lexus dealership to find out if this rebate applies to your DVD.


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