How to Load Google Maps to Garmin

By Philip Dozal

Loading Google Maps to a Garmin GPS is an easy way to transfer destinations from a PC to the Garmin. The Google Maps feature lets you quickly load multiple destinations onto the Garmin GPS by inputting the information on the PC rather than using the clunky Garmin GPS touch screen. This feature is useful for planning business and vacation trips. All the addresses are saved to the "Favorites" menu on the Garmin GPS, which makes the addresses easy to find.

Step 1

Turn on the Garmin GPS. Insert the USB cable into the PC and then into the GPS.

Step 2

Open your Internet browser and go to the Google Maps website.

Step 3

Type the address in the search box, then click "Search Maps."

Step 4

Click "Send" (look for the mail icon) above the map on Google Maps.

Step 5

Select "GPS" when the pop-up window appears. Once "GPS" is selected, the Garmin GPS website will appear.

Click the "Send to GPS" icon. The address will be under the "Favorites" menu on the Garmin. If the "Send to GPS" icon is not available, click the "Scan for GPS" icon. Once the Garmin GPS is detected, click the "Send to GPS" icon.