Liteon DVD Recorder Instructions

By William Pullman

The LiteOn DVD recorder can record programs from your television and playback commercial or recorded DVDs. Setting up the LiteOn DVD recorder is as easy as hooking up a regular DVD player, and recording is done by pressing a few buttons on the remote control. In addition, the recorder can record DVDs only for use on the LiteOn recorder or for play on other devices.


The LiteOn DVD recorder is easy to connect to your current television setup. To ensure proper recording and playback, the recorder needs to receive the antenna or cable in and output to the television. Plug the cable from the wall jack to the "RF IN" jack on the back of the DVD recorder. If you have a cable or satellite box, plug the cable from the wall jack into the box and connect a wire from the "RF OUT" jack on the box to the "RF IN" jack on the recorder. Complete the antenna or cable connection by plugging a wire from the "RF OUT" jack on the recorder to the "RF IN" jack on the television.

Once connected to the antenna or cable, connect the video cable to the "VIDEO OUT" jack on the recorder and the "VIDEO IN" jack on the television. Finish by plugging the audio cable into the "AUDIO OUT" jack on the recorder and the "AUDIO IN" jack on the television.


Insert a blank DVD disc into the LiteOn DVD recorder. The recorder will scan the disc and prompt you to format the disc. There are two choices for disc formatting: "Quick Preparation" and "Full Preparation." When you select "Quick Preparation," you will be prompted to finalize the disc after recording for use on other machines. This is a faster formatting procedure. If you choose "Full Preparation," you will be able to view the disc in other devices when recording is complete. Use the up and down arrows on the remote control to highlight your selection and press "ENTER" to format the disc.

Change to the channel you want to record with the remote control. Press the "Record" button to start recording once the channel is selected. When finished, press the "Stop" button.


When you want to playback a disc, turn the television to the proper channel for playback. For most televisions, this requires you change the channel to "Video 1" or "Video 2." Turn on the DVD player and insert a disc. The player will scan the DVD and either start playing the contents of the disc or bring up a menu of options for the disc. To choose one of the options, use the navigation arrows to select the option you want to run and press the "ENTER" button.

Once playing, use the "Next" button on the remote to skip to the next chapter and the "Previous" button to go to the last chapter viewed. To stop playback, press the "Stop" button.