Listening to XM Radio on an iPad

By Nick Davis

XM Radio includes sports, talk, news and music shows and channels.
i Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A subscription streaming radio service, XM Radio, also known as SiriusXM, is available for a variety of devices including the Apple iPad. The SiriusXM Internet Radio app delivers the radio service to your iPad and enables you to listen to music from a variety of genres. The app also provides talk radio shows to your iPad including Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, Howard Stern, Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure and Martha Stewart's radio show.

Offline Playback and Controls

In addition to listening to live music and talk shows, the SiriusXM Internet Radio app also lets you download and store select content for playback later. Not all programs are available for storage, and the app erases the content after a period of time. The SiriusXM Internet Radio app notifies you of new episodes of your favorite shows and enables you to create a favorite's list of programs you like. You can also pause and rewind live radio and talk shows.


The SiriusXM Internet Radio app for the iPad is free but you must have a SiriusXM subscription to use it, which costs between $160 and $200 annually at the time of publication. If you already have an All Access account, the account includes a subscription to SiriusXM Internet Radio -- a separate service that is a requirement for accessing XM Radio on your iPad. If you don't have an All Access account, all you need to add to your Premier or Select SiriusXM account is a subscription to SiriusXM Internet Radio at a cost of $3.50 per month. To add the service, enter “SiriusXM Internet Radio” in your browser's search box and tap the search results containing SiriusXM Internet Radio. Tap the “Add Internet Listening” link and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the addition of SiriusXM Internet Radio to your SiriusXM account.


The SiriusXM Internet Radio app works on any iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. The app also works on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. SiriusXM Internet Radio app's size is 8.4 megabytes and you must be at least 17 years old to download and use the app due to content on SiriusXM satellite radio.


To download and install the SiriusXM Internet Radio app, tap the App Store icon. Enter “SiriusXM Internet Radio” in the search box and tap on the “SiriusXM Internet Radio” link in the search results. Tap the “Free App” button to download and install the app. The app downloads to your iPad's home screen. Tap the "SiriusXM" icon to open it and enter your SiriusXM user name and password. Follow the prompts to select channels and programming you like.