How to Listen to Radio Stations on My Cell Phone

by Jennifer Leighton

Many people own smartphones that work as both a phone and a music player. While it can be fun to listen to the music that you downloaded to your phone, there may be times when you want to listen to your favorite radio station, whether it is in your hometown or across the country. Thanks to the increasingly advanced data capabilities of cell phones today, there are several apps that can help turn your cell phone or smartphone into a radio.


Open the Internet browser of your choice using a computer or your cell phone.


Navigate to a website offering radio station apps for your type of cell phone or smartphone. Each site is compatible with different cell phones: For example, iheartradio (see resources) works for Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. Mundu radio (see resources) supports phones with the Palm operating system (OS,) Symbian, Windows Mobile Smart Phone, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Blackberry, Apple and Android. VRadio (see resources) supports Symbian and Android phones.


Download the radio app of your choice to your phone, following all download instructions on the app website. Some radio app sites will text a download link to your phone, while others will require you to click on an on-site link. Download times vary according to the program being downloaded, your phone and your Internet connection.


Turn your phone off and restart it if prompted to do so following the download. Just as with a download to a personal computer, it is sometimes necessary to restart the device to complete the installation process.


Select the icon for your radio app (this will appear following the radio app download) to listen to radio on your cell phone.


  • While many radio apps are free, some charge a monthly fee. Check the cost of any app before downloading it to your phone.


  • Radio, much like streaming video, utilizes a great deal of data. If your cell phone contract allows you only a limited amount of data per month, be sure to monitor your radio app usage to avoid overage fees and penalties.

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