How to Listen to a Music CD on a Mac

by Contributor

If everyone at work has gone home, or if your roommates are away, you can crank up the Deep Purple on your Mac and rock out.

Press the button under the CD drawer to open it. Remove the CD on the tray, if there is one.

Place your music CD flat on the tray and press the button under the CD drawer to close it.

Click on the Apple menu and select Apple CD Audio Player. If it's not listed, use Find File or Sherlock (press Command-F) to locate it.

See your CD show up on the desktop and in the Apple CD Audio Player window. Operate the controls with your mouse just as you would operate a CD player.

Close the Apple CD Audio Player window with the close box, or switch to another application and continue working while you listen to music.


  • check Most recent Macs have built-in 16-bit, CD-quality, stereo (analog) sound output, but the internal speaker isn't that great. External speakers will improve the sound quality.

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