How to Listen to MP3 Music on a Kindle

by Andrew McClain
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If you enjoy listening to music while you read a book, your Amazon Kindle just became a little more indispensable. Every Kindle model--with the exception of the Kindle Fire--will let you manually download MP3 files to the device and play them with the built-in MP3 player. The Kindle Fire will let you access your Amazon Cloud MP3 files and play them, provided you have an active Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon Kindle

Step 1

Plug your Kindle into your computer's USB port.

Step 2

Browse to the Kindle in Windows Explorer.

Step 3

Drag your music files from your hard drive to the "Music" directory on the Kindle.

Step 4

Disconnect your Kindle from the computer.

Step 5

Press the "Menu" button on the Kindle.

Step 6

Select the "Experimental" option.

Step 7

Select "MP3 Player". You will see a music player open at the bottom of the screen.

Use the Backward/Forward buttons to advance the tracks. Press "Pause" to stop play. Press "Off" to deactivate the player.

Kindle Fire

Step 1

Turn on your Kindle Fire.

Step 2

Tap the "Home" button to view the Kindle's Home screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Music" option.

Step 4

Touch the "Cloud" option at the top of the page.

Step 5

Select an album to see the tracks.

Step 6

Tap the "Download" button to download the album to the Kindle Fire's memory. If you download an album, you can play it without an Internet connection.

Touch a track to start playing it. If you tap the Settings button at the top of the screen, you will also see the track that is currently playing.


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