How Do I Listen to Coast to Coast AM for Free on My PC?

By Matt Skaggs

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Using iHeartRadio's website, some Coast to Coast AM content is available for you to listen to for free. While only highlights are available, all you need is a free iHeartRadio account and a Web browser to listen. To access all Coast to Coast content and to stream Coast to Coast, a "Coast Insider" subscription is required.

Free Content

To listen to Coast to Coast AM on iHeartRadio’s website, access the site using Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 37, Chrome 41, Opera 25 or Safari 8, or a newer version of any of those browsers. You also need Flash Player installed, which is free from Adobe's website. After clicking the Sign Up button on the home page, you can begin listening to Coast to Coast AM. Since only highlights are available, you must choose from a few Coast to Coast show dates rather than from a list of full Coast to Coast shows. Additionally, fans of Coast to Coast may be interested in other iHeartRadio shows such as Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, Ground Zero With Clyde Lewis and Let's Talk Aliens.

Coast Insider Content

If you choose to become a Coast Insider subscriber, you have access to live streaming shows, and you have access to the last five years of show archives, all without commercials. Also you have the opportunity to email George Noory with the chance that your email may be used on a show. To listen to Coast to Coast AM in your Web browser, you need at least Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome 10.6, Mozilla Firefox or Safari 5.1. Some content also requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed.