List of XM Comedy Comedians

By Alex R. Harmon

XM comedians have something for everyone.
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XM Satellite Radio, operated by Sirius XM Radio, is one of two satellite radio services airing in the United States and Canada--the other is Sirius Satellite Radio--that provide a wide variety of radio programming for a monthly service fee. XM Radio broadcasts three major talk radio programs that featured stand-up comedians and segments from the performers' previously recorded shows. In September of 2001, Laugh USA was introduced, followed by Blue Collar Radio in November 2008 and Raw Dog Comedy in January 2004.

Laugh USA

Laugh USA is a comedy station on XM Radio that appeals to many tastes. The channel features a large variety of America's most popular and classic stand-up comedians that forgo the profanity and sexuality for clean acts. Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, Jeff Foxworthy, Weird Al Yankovic and Jim Gaffigan enjoy a cult-like following. Other favorites include comedy darlings Dane Cook, George Carlin, Steven Wright, Bill Cosby and Monty Python, as well as such classic performers as Bob Newhart, Henny Youngman, Mel Brooks, Rodney Dangerfield and Abbot and Costello. The clips aired are short segments from the comedians' routine, as well as sit-in interviews.

Blue Collar Radio

Blue Collar Radio is associated with the Blue Collar Comedy brand made famous by the foursome comedy troupe of Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy, which began touring in January 2000. Other artists include Reno Collier, Juston McKinney, Jamie Kaler and John Caparulo. While more seasoned comics are always a source of good laughs, Blue Collar Radio also showcases a number of performers that are new to the comedy scene. A NASCAR Fans Show is also aired on Thursdays at 6 pm Eastern time and Sundays at noon and features commentary on favorite drivers, upcoming races, sponsors, training runs and more.

Raw Dog Comedy

Raw Dog is an uncensored comedy station that plays stand-up comedy acts from edgier comics. Airing on XM Satellite Radio's channel 150, the program features "Fridays with Jim Breuer" and "The Wise Guy Show." Comedians openly address racier topics, such as sex, drugs and politics, that are not for the faint-hearted listener. Profanity is key in hilarious clips from comics Lewis Black, George Carlin, Dane Cook and Lisa Lampanelli, which are featured daily, alongside a number of regularly scheduled programs. A mirthful cat that can predict deaths charms audience members in "The Oscar the Cat Show." Jim Breuer, a comedian and actor who appeared in the movie "Half Baked," hosts "Fridays with Jim Breuer."