List of Web Publishing Software

By Casey Holmes

Along with the growth of the Internet have come complex tools for Web development to make websites faster, smoother and more sophisticated than ever. These tools have become as sophisticated, varied and important as the websites themselves.

Apple iLife

Apple iLife is an entire suite of software applications that provide a variety of capabilities including web development for Mac OS X. The iWeb tool allows you to create and design websites and blogs, without the use of coding, with built-in support for publishing. The program is ideal for non-coders and dedicated Mac users; however, there are limitations. You will not have the use of more sophisticated techniques available to experienced coders.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a Web development program for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It can support a great deal of Web technology such as CSS, JavaScript and server-side scripting languages. It gives you the option to work with both HTML coding and with an interface that allows non-coders to create websites. It's available in many languages and localizations and is excellent even for advanced users.

Microsoft Expression Web

Expression Web is a Web design program and HTML editor made specifically for Windows as part of the Expression Studio suite. It edits Web pages using XML, CSS and JavaScript and requires the .NET Framework. It's viewed as a much more cost-effective alternative to Dreamweaver, but has been criticized as lacking secure FTP transfer functions.