How to Find a Current List of Promotional Codes for Tracfone

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If you have a Tracfone, you will need to periodically add minutes to your phone. Fortunately, there are promotional codes available to give you bonus minutes when you added minutes to your Tracfone cell phone.


Go to the website There is a link provided in the References section of this article.


Scroll down to "Click a promo code to use it" and find a promotion code that goes with the amount of minutes you would like to add to your phone.


Click on the promo code you would like to use, view the details of the promo code and click on the "Copy Promo Clipboard & Visit Tracfone" box. You will be redirected to the Tracfone website.


Follow the steps to buy the additional minutes you are purchasing.


Hit "CTRL" + "V" to paste the promo code in the "promotional codes" box at checkout.


Finish purchasing your minutes. Note that you will not see the bonus minutes while you make your purchase. They will be on your phone when the minutes you purchased are added.


  • close You can only use each promotion code one time per phone, so be sure to make note of the bonus codes that you have already used.

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