List of Free Jewel Quest Games

By Carol Luther

"Jewel Quest" is an addictive matching game, created by iWin in 2006. You can download free trials for many versions of "Jewel Quest" at a variety of websites, including iWin. Some game sites allow you to play online free. You can also earn a download and occasionally get free promotional copies from vendors and affiliates.

Game Site Trials

The free trial versions of Jewel Quest will expire and stop working after you play for the allotted time. Uninstalling the game and reinstalling it does not work. However, you can download and play the next game in the series. With several match games, three board games and the latest additions, you will get hours of playtime with this series.

After the original became popular, iWin created "Jewel Quest 2," "Jewel Quest 3" and "Jewel Quest Solitaire I, II and III." "Jewel Quest 3" has a Facebook page, with free a strategy guide for players. The newest additions to this series are "Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tea" and "Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of the Midnight Heart." Both of the Jewel Quest Mysteries have 30-minute trials.

Play Online

"Jewel Quest Online Party" is a free multiplayer version that requires an Internet connection and downloaded peer-to-peer software. You can compete against five other players on iWin. The game has a forum where users share tips and chat.

Reputable sites like Yahoo Games, MSN, Eons and Shockwave are also great places to play "Jewel Quest" by yourself. Each site has a selection of the "Jewel Quest" titles for online play and you will not have to worry about viruses and spyware. Some sites also have trial downloads.

Free Downloads

You can download a free ad-supported version of "Jewel Quest," "Jewel Quest 2," "Jewel Quest Solitaire I" and "Solitaire I"I at iWin. You will see targeted ads during play. However, iWin promises that your download will not expire after 60 minutes.

"Jewel Quest" promotions turn up in freebie sites and promotional offers from retailers like Amazon and Shockwave Games. To get a free game from Amazon, you will need to register at Amazon and install their Games and Software Downloader on your computer. Watch your email for offers or browse through the free titles. Shockwave uses the Check Out Free service that lets you get your game free upon completion of your choice of "try or buy" vendor promotions. Check Out Free offers include some services that you might find useful: stamps, video rental services or magazine subscriptions. If you find an offer for something that you have on your wish list already, you will get two for the price of one.