List of Internet Providers in Northern California

By Dawn Gibbs

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in northern California offer a variety of data packages beyond simple Internet service. Some offer DSL (digital subscriber line), dial-up, and satellite Internet services. Others offer web design, digital television and email hosting. Whether you are a private home or a small business, there is an ISP in northern California to fit your needs. ( was one of the first Internet Service Providers to bring DSL to northern California. It provides services for the home and for business networking. It offers television, Internet service and web hosting. It also provides several Verizon smartphones, including the Droid and the Blackberry.

Pacific Internet

Pacific Internet ((888) 722-8638) is locally owned and operates out of Ukiah. It offers DSL, dial-up, and wireless Internet access. It also offers web hosting and website development as well as computer repair. Pacific Internet is also a domain registrar.


HoloNet ((510) 704-0160) is a full-service dial-up ISP. It offers email, USENET newsgroups and automatic email distribution services. USENET newsgroups include several channels of news including sports, politics, and celebrities. HoloNet also offers web hosting and domain registration.

Castles Information Network

Castles Information Network ((707) 455-3401) is based in Vacaville and is a veteran-owned company. It offers Ultraband high-speed wireless Internet access via a rooftop antenna at rates starting at $59 a month. It also has a lower-priced DSL package. Castles has web design, web development, and domain registration departments. There are price packages for companies that need full-service web development. Castles Information Network's service comes with email, which carries up-to-date antivirus software and spam prevention. The company offers 24-hour technical support.

Concentric Reseller Web Hosting

Concentric ((866) 495-9696) differs from other ISPs in that a customer can sign up to actually sell the service through referrals, affiliate programs or wholesale programs. Concentric offers DSL and dial-up Internet access. It also has website design, maintenance, and migration services. It offers web hosting with Unix and Windows and email hosting.

Great Basin Internet Services

Great Basin Internet Service ( is based in Reno, Nevada, and provides Internet access to regions throughout northern California. Great Basin offers dial-up, DSL, satellite broadband, VoIP, and metro Ethernet services. It offers web and email hosting. For businesses there are voice services as well as high-speed Internet and computer networking services.