How To List Your Business In Bing Maps

by Daniel Hatter

Bing is a search engine with multiple options when it comes to searching. Users can search for Web pages, photos, videos, products, news stories and even addresses and businesses with Bing Maps. If you have a business that would benefit from more exposure, consider listing it in Bing Maps. This can be done by going to Bing's Business Listings Search page.

Visit the Bing Business Listings Web page, type your business address and phone into the provided text fields, and then click "Check your listing." Bing will now check to make sure that your business isn't already listed. If you are prompted with a "Your business wasn't found" message, continue the process.

Type the characters you see in the security feature into the "Characters" text field, click "Continue," and then sign in to or create your Windows Live account.

Enter your business information into the provided text fields, click "Next," and then select the category or categories of your business and click "Next."

Review all the information you've entered and click "Submit" to finish listing your business in Bing Maps.

About the Author

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