List of Accounts Payable Reports in SAP

By Jade Blue

SAP software helps businesses effectively manage their finances.
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You can access four types of information using the list of Accounts Payable reports in SAP. The company stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP software helps to organize financial information. Accounts Payable refers to payments owed by one business to another for goods or services. The use of SAP programs help businesses make prompt payments to avoid delinquency.

Vendor Balances

Vendor Balances are included on the list of Accounts Payable reports in SAP. The report lists balances due to vendor(s) at the beginning of the fiscal period, amounts due during the reporting period and all debits and credits made on the account during the reporting period. Closing balances indicate current past due amounts. Listings are separate for transactions deemed non-standard by the user. Running balances are included at the end of each page. Start of List and End of List titles assist with reading the list.

Cleared Vendor Items

See cleared vendor payments on the Cleared Vendor Item report. Customize the list to categorize items in chronological order. Lists include the full account name, debits and credits made to the account, applicable discounts and payment method. A clearing date and transaction number are issued for future verification purposes. Users also can see if there has been a payment block placed on any account. Personal notes for each account also can be included within the list.

Master Data

Incorporate a variety of vendor data into one report using the SAP Master Data program. Businesses benefit from the program's ability to detect identical or similar transactions in vendor billing and invoicing. Master Data synchronizes all previously entered SAP information. Some users have found the feature difficult to use and stated a lack of customer support. Others find the software benefits outweigh the inconveniences. Flagging questionable activity and avoiding duplicate vendor payments helps businesses save money.

Payment Transactions

View details on funds released by the business in a Payment Transaction report. Use variables including check or cash activity. Information on checks issued by employees is included in the report. Use preset variables including check numbers, or a lack thereof, to look for suspicious activity. See which accounts are cash-based. Cash payouts are assigned an invoice number. Internal notes state the purpose of the payout. Assess information on multiple payment types using the list of Account Payable reports in SAP.