How to Find Like-Minded People on Facebook

by David Weedmark
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There are plenty of Facebook pages for people looking for more friends, but unless your main interest is being popular, it's hard to find people with similar interests using these pages. Because like-minded people tend to gather together, your current friends' Timelines are usually the best place to look for new friends with similar interests. Your favorite Facebook pages and groups are also a good place to look because the people you find there already have at least one thing in common with you.

Finding Like-Minded Friends of Friends

Step 1

Go to the Timeline of one of your Facebook friends who has similar interests or tastes as you. Find a post that you particularly like. Click on the name of someone who liked the post or commented on it. This takes you to that person's Timeline.

Step 2

Scroll through the person's Timeline page and read the posts. Click on the "More" link beneath the cover photo to see what kind of movies, books, TV shows and other interests the person has.

Click the "Follow" button on the person's cover photo. Future public posts from that person will appear in your news feed. Feel free to like public posts and comment on them to begin a friendship with that person. If you feel it's appropriate, send a message and ask if you can be friends.

Finding People With Pages and Groups

Step 1

Go to one of the pages or groups you like the most.

Step 2

Click the "Search" field at the top of your home page to find new pages or groups. Just type an interest or the name of something you enjoy and browse through the results. Click the "Like" button on a page or the "Join Group" button on a group. Closed groups require a moderator to approve you before you can join.

Step 3

Explore the posts for the page or group and click on the name of someone you suspect might have the same interests as you. Explore their public posts and the lists of things they have liked. Click the "Follow" button on the person's cover photo if there is one available.

Comment on posts you enjoy. When you think it's appropriate, send a message to the person to begin a friendship.


  • Sending friend requests before you get to know someone may be considered spam. Someone with thousands of friends and lots of public posts is usually more likely to accept a friend request compared to someone with only a couple dozen friends with little information visible to the public.


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