How to Get a Lifetime Subscription to Sirius Radio

By Amanda Knaebel

Updated August 24, 2017

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In the past, Sirius, now SiriusXM, offered Lifetime subscriptions to subscribers on certain devices. While the company no longer offers this option to new subscribers, you may be able to transfer your existing subscription to a new device, depending on when you purchased your initial subscription and what kind of device you used it on.

Transferring Your Lifetime Subscription to a New Device

If you purchased your Lifetime subscription prior to June 20, 2005, you can transfer your Lifetime subscription to another radio as many times as you want. If your initial purchase was on or after June 20, 2005 but before September 8, 2007, you can transfer your subscription up to a maximum of three times.

Lifetime subscriptions purchased on or after September 8, 2007 can also be transferred up to three times, as long as they were purchased for a home, portable, or dock and play radio. If you originally purchased your subscription on or after September 8, 2007 and it was bought for a radio that was installed in your vehicle by the manufacturer or dealer, then you won’t be able to transfer it at all unless that radio was stolen, damaged in an accident or found to be defective.

Regardless of the date of your initial purchase, you are subject to a $75 transfer fee plus any applicable taxes each time you transfer your subscription to a different device. Call SiriusXM’s customer service department at 866-635-2349 to initiate a transfer.

Lifetime Subscription Limitations

According to Sirius’ Customer Agreement, Lifetime subscriptions are meant to cover the life of the receiver they were purchased for. They aren’t transferable to other people, and Sirius won’t give you a refund on the initial purchase price. The only exceptions to the $75 transfer fee stated in the Customer Agreement are cases in which your original vehicle radio is defective, although the company retains the right to decide whether or not it’s defective for purposes of transferring a subscription.

Currently-Offered Plans

Though you can no longer buy a Lifetime subscription, SiriusXM does offer several plans in which you can pay for services on a monthly basis for large packages of commercial-free music and talk radio, as well as channels dedicated to sports, traffic, weather, news and comedy. Plans are available for both Sirius and SiriusXM devices. The company offers plans specifically tailored to Latino and business customers, as well as customers with boats or planes.

Most vehicles that come with SiriusXM devices installed come with a free trial that includes access to over 150 channels and the ability to listen online or in the Sirius app on iOS or Android devices.

You can subscribe to current plans from the Sirius website or by calling 866-408-8296. The company also periodically advertises special deals on its website, and you can get information about new services and promotional offers via text by texting EVENT to 77917. Text STOP2 to the same number to stop getting texts or send HELP to get more information.