What is the Lifespan of a Laptop Battery?

by Jay Leone

Lithium-ion cells (batteries) remain the source of power for most laptop computers on the market. This type of cell is employed because it is one of the most versatile batteries available.


This type of battery is known as a rechargeable battery, or "secondary cell." According to Battery University, lithium-ion batteries will retain their ability to recharge for around 500 cycles of charging and discharging. Unlike many other types of batteries, lithium-ion cells can be stored for the better part of a year before they begin self-discharging.

Life Span

The 500 charge/discharge cycles come out to an average of about three years of effective holding capacity. After 500 cycles, or about three years, lithium-ion cells rapidly lose holding capacity.


These batteries are exceptionally versatile. They can be constructed to take any number of odd forms to fit in laptop computers of any size. These batteries operate at somewhat high voltages of around 3.7 volts, according to Green Batteries.

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