Lexmark C544 900 Firmware Errors

by David Nield

The Lexmark C544 printer has several known issues that result in code 900 errors. A firmware update, reset or repair is required to fix the majority of these problems.

900.00 Or 900.44 Service RIP Errors

The printer displays a "900.00/900.44 Service RIP Software Error" when there is an issue with the printing process, the software driver or the hardware itself. The diagnosis process and suggested fixes are explained on the Lexmark website.

900 Firmware Error

A "900 Firmware Error" is displayed when the printer has a hardware issue (if it is idle) or a software issue (if it was attempting to print when the error appeared). Visit the Lexmark website for a detailed step-by-step guide to diagnosing the problem and identifying the cause of the fault.

Firmware Update

A firmware update released by Lexmark for the C544 fixes a number of known issues with the code 900 error message. The patch can be downloaded and installed from the Lexmark website -- unzip the archived file and view the README file before updating.

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