How to Let Your Friends Know That Your Email Address Has Changed After Changing Internet Services

By Julius Vandersteen

After you have switched to a new Internet service provider, you will get a new email address that you will want to tell your family and friends about. It’s convenient to send the same message to everyone at once so you don’t have to type it out multiple times. When sending the same message to multiple recipients, it’s courteous to use the “Bcc” field (blind copy) for each of your correspondents, rather than putting their addresses in the “Cc” field (just copy) and revealing each person’s address to the other recipients.

Step 1

Launch your email client or navigate to the webmail page of your new Internet service provider and log in to your account.

Step 2

Create a new email message and put your new address in the “To” field. You will be sending the message to yourself and a copy to everyone else.

Step 3

Click “Bcc” to add a blind carbon copy addressee field, and then type in, copy and paste or select your friends’ email addresses from your contacts list.

Step 4

Type in a subject, such as “Here is my new email address!”

Step 5

Type the text of your message and then click “Send.”

Call or send a text message to any friends who do not respond to your message or wait until the next time you see them in person to let them know that they should check their email spam folder to see if your new message wound up there.