How to Legally Download Free Music to a Mac

by Contributor

After several major music companies sued Napster, it became increasingly difficult to legally download free music onto a Mac or any computer. People were afraid of going to jail and rightfully so. Music companies sent the world a message through their lawsuit with Napster. Things have calmed down through the years. Now you can download a limited amount of free music from some sites, including iTunes. These music sites run promotions or give limited free downloads to musicians or are up and coming.


Launch iTunes. If you don’t have it yet, go to the iTunes website and download and install the application (see Resources).


Click on "iTunes Store." You will find it on the side bar.


Use the search box at the upper-right corner of the page. Type “free music” into the search box and press “Enter.”


There will be a limited number of free songs for you to download. Click "Free" or "Download."


Check your iTunes library to make sure the download to your Mac was successful.


  • check Another way to get free music is to visit AOL Music and MySpace Music. Both offer free music to their Internet surfers and members.
  • check There are many music websites where you pay for each download. These include and Google Play. These sites often offer deals where when you register, you get a certain number of free songs. These sites also offer "Songs of the Day," where you can download a particular song for free.


  • close Be sure that the words "FREE" are under the PRICE title or you will end up paying for music listed in the wrong area.

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