How to Leave Comments on Twitter (3 Steps)

By Sara Hickman

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When you see your friend tweeted about her hot date or a local radio station is taking a poll, you can comment back on Twitter. You do not have to follow someone to comment on their Twitter posts. Commenting on people’s tweets is a way to make friends or gain Twitter followers. Twitter is a real-time social messaging service, based in San Francisco. Users send and receive short messages, called tweets, which Twitter posts on the web.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser of choice. Visit Twitter's website and type in your Twitter username and password to log into your account.

Step 2

Run your mouse over a message you wish to comment on in your Twitter feed. Options to reply or retweet the message will appear on the screen. Click on "Reply." The @ symbol and the other person's username, or handle, will appear in an empty message box.

Step 3

Type your comment after the @ and Twitter handle, leaving one space between the handle and the beginning of your message. Keep in mind that Twitter comments must be 140 characters or less. Click on “Tweet” when you're ready to send your comment.