How to Learn Voodoo Online for Free

By Missy J. Talbot

Voodoo spells can be learned online.
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Voodoo is an ancient form of magic and spells that some people believe they can use to bring themselves good fortune and to bring bad fortune to their enemies. If you want to learn more about voodoo spells, or even learn some of them, you can visit one of several online sites that offers free lessons and free information about voodoo.

Step 1

Visit the website Voodoo Prince. Click the "Subscribe Now For Your Free Seven Voodoo Lessons" link. Input your name and email address and register for the online courses. You will get a link to seven lessons in voodoo. After you have done them, you can choose to pay to become a member of the site and get more access to voodoo lessons, or you can exit the site.

Step 2

Visit Hoodoo Master and read the testimonials of the voodoo lessons. If you choose, you can download the free ebook that contains various voodoo lessons. The first few lessons are free, and you can learn some voodoo from them. Then you'll need to pay to continue to get voodoo lessons.

Step 3

Visit Aurora-net and choose one of the links that best describes the type of voodoo you are interested in. After you have chosen a link, visit the site and read through the free voodoo lessons on the site. You can learn about voodoo from one site and then choose another one to learn more.