How to Learn Microsoft Dynamics AX

By Lee Johnson

Learning the Microsoft Dynamics AX system can make you a valuable asset to your company.
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If you're interested using the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, many different methods are available to learn to operate the program. Microsoft Dynamics AX was previously known as Microsoft Axapta. The enterprise resource and planning solution was developed for mid-sized to large companies. The program can be used for functions from general accounting to inventory management. Learn to use the program to become a greater asset to companies that use the system.

Take the "Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0" (or 2009) course. This class gives you a general overview of the program's features. The program teaches you to perform key operations such as entering a sales quote and checking the availability of an item. The course designed for beginners is a two-day, classroom-based program. The only knowledge you will need prior to taking the course is knowledge of the Windows operating system, and how to navigate through it.

Download the "AX Learning Plan" from Microsoft's website. This plan provides detailed information about what specific training you will need to use Microsoft Dynamics AX for your job role. For example, if you work in a financial role, after taking the overview course, complete the "Financials 1 in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009" course. This learning plan gives you role-specific information about what you need to do to become a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist.

Read the online Microsoft Dynamics AX User Guide. This resource details a clear run-down of the operations and key features of Microsoft AX. Use the guide as a reference throughout your learning. A lot of content is available online. Familiarize yourself with the website to expand on your existing knowledge.

Search for a third-party training course. Many training courses for Microsoft Dynamics AX are available online at websites such as CB Learning, Perpetual Solutions and Dynamics AX Training. The options for courses vary because many businesses use the program. The ability to operate the program is an important part of many people's job. Search for a training course that suits your individual needs.

Take the relevant test to receive an official Microsoft Certification. If you are certified officially, you will be a reliable choice of candidate for potential employers. Visit Microsoft's website to search for the relevant test. Refer to the "AX Learning Plan" to confirm what the correct test would be for your role. For example, if you're in a financial role, you need to take the "AX 2009 Financials Certification Exam."