How to Learn Cribbage Online for Free

by Missy J. Talbot
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Cribbage is a card game that can be difficult to learn on your own because of the many rules and strategies that you'll want to know about. One of the best ways to learn cribbage is to look at online sites that have cribbage rules for you to study. On some sites you can read the rules, and on others you can learn the game and then actually play it to make sure you understand the rules.

Step 1

Click on the link in Resources and look at the Cribbage site. Read through the list of rules about cribbage on the page. Look at the diagrams about different rules and moves that you might make while playing cribbage. Look at the pictures to make sure that you understand the concept before you try to play.

Step 2

Visit Go to Free Games and click on the cribbage site (see Resources). Click "Tutorial" to begin the online tutorial for the game. Read through the tutorial to understand more about cribbage. Look at the pictures to make sure you understand the rules. When you are finished reading through the rules, click on the game to play it.

Go to Learn Play Win and view the Cribbage site (see Resources). Click on the "Tutorial" button and read through the tutorial to learn how to play cribbage. Read the instructions and look at the pictures to determine the rules as you go. When you've finished looking at the rules, you can play the game to make sure that you have caught on to the game.

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