How to Learn AutoCAD 3D

by Contributor

AutoCAD 3D is powerful design software used for architecture, civil engineering, industrial design and more. With AutoCAD's 3D tools, you can render 3D models of buildings, design any type of product or create a 3D rendering of an existing structure. There are many ways to learn AutoCAD 3D, from taking an online or instructor-led class to completing exercises in a workbook.

Visit the Autodesk website (see Resources). Download a free 30-day trial of AutoCAD Civil 3D or AutoCAD 2010. You will need a PC computer that runs Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista.

Take an AutoCAD 3D online course from Autodesk University Online. Choose from classes that teach the basics of AutoCAD 3D or take classes that will teach you how to use specific tools of AutoCAD.

Purchase the book "AutoCAD 3D Modeling Workbook for Dummies." Follow along as the workbook teaches you how to create renderings in 3D, import and export designs, and make 3D models. Watch the bonus DVD for video demonstrations of AutoCAD 3D techniques mentioned in the book.

Read the book "AutoCAD 2008 in 3D." Study the book's detailed descriptions on modeling techniques and complete the suggested exercises and tutorials.

Take an AutoCAD 3D class from a local technical college or trade school. Look for classes offered from experienced instructors who work in the design industry. Expect the class to include demonstrations of AutoCAD 3D features, one-on-one or small group instruction in front of the computer and homework assignments.


  • check Make sure that your computer has enough room to run AutoCAD. You will need at least 2 GB of RAM.

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