How to Make a Laptop Work on WiFi

by Jason Gordon

The term "WiFi" is used informally to describe any wireless LAN signal or connection. WiFi works using a modem and a wireless router that broadcasts the data signal. Computers with wireless adapters are able to pick up this signal and log on to the wireless network to access the Internet.

Turn on your wireless adapter. Most modern laptops come with internal wireless adapters that receive WiFi signals. External adapters are also available. Make sure that if your adapter has an "On/Off" switch, it is turned to "On."

Find a wireless hot-spot. If you are home and have a wireless network setup, your adapter should pick up the signal. If not, try going to a coffee shop or other advertised spot where wireless networks are accessible.

Navigate to "Control Panel > Network Connections > Wireless Networks" and check the wireless networks that are available by right-clicking on "Wireless Networks" and selecting "View Available Wireless Networks".

Select the wireless network you want to connect to and click "Connect". If the network is password protected, you will be prompted to type in the password.

Check the connection by opening your web browser and navigating to a popular website. If it loads, your laptop WiFi connection is working correctly.

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