Laptop Skin Application Tips

By Shellie Braeuner

Laptops don't need to be plain anymore.
i Laptop image by Marek Kosmal from

Upgrading your laptop is expensive, but upgrading your laptop's look is inexpensive and easy. Laptop skins are big vinyl stickers designed to stick to the cover of a laptop. Their bright designs share your interests with the world while they protect your laptop case from minor damage and scratches.

Types of Skin

There are several types of laptop skins on the market. Most are made of vinyl. Some are reusable and can be changed often. But over time, these skins can start to peel away on their own. Others have glue that will become more permanent after a day or two. These are harder to remove, and once removed cannot be reused. Think about how permanent you want your skin to be.


While there are plenty of ready-made designs on the market, consider a custom skin if you are a small business owner. A custom skin designer can turn your laptop into a mini billboard.


Laptop skins come in different sizes to fit almost any laptop. Measure your laptop's length and width, then measure diagonally from one corner to the other. Skin companies use all three measurements to ensure that the skin fits the computer with the least amount of trimming.

Clean Application

Apply the skin to a completely clean and dry computer. With the computer off, wipe the cover with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Gently scrub away any debris stuck to the cover. Any foreign object will cause bubbles in the finished skin. Allow the cover to air dry completely before applying the skin.

Applying the Skin

Peel less than an inch of the vinyl skin from the backing on one side of the skin. Line up the edge of the skin with the edge of the computer and gently press in place. The backing will now be between the skin and the computer. Slowly pull the backing from between the computer and skin, smoothing the skin down as it sticks.

Curved Corners

Gently pull up the edges of the skin around the corners and stretch them to smooth the skin over curved corners.


Use a credit card to get rid of bubbles. Starting at the center of the skin, gently push small bubbles toward the edge and out from under the vinyl. Do not scrape the vinyl or push hard enough to stretch the skin around a bubble. For large bubbles, gently push the bubble close to the edge, then lift the edge and release the air. Smooth the edge back into place.

Removing a Reusable Skin

Reusable skins can be removed and used again if they are taken off carefully. Loosen all the way along one side with your fingernail. With both hands, gently but firmly peel the vinyl across the laptop until the skin pulls free. Lay the skin glue side up on a table. If applying a new skin, use the paper backing of the new skin to protect the backing on the old skin. Otherwise, cover the adhesive with waxed paper to protect the sticky backing. Store flat.