Laptop Screen Is Distorted & Green

By Jane Williams

Odd screen images are caused by poorly sent or received video information.
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A laptop with a distorted and oddly-colored screen isn't just an annoyance; it can bring workflow to a screeching halt. Because of all the different components necessary to bring the video to your screen, finding the cause of such an eyesore requires some trial and error troubleshooting.

Possible Cause

Laptop screen problems can originate anywhere between the motherboard and the screen itself. If the motherboard or video card suffer a failure, all video output is compromised, resulting in distorted images or strange color streaks. Corrupted or outdated video card drivers can cause strange imagery, as can loose video cables that connect the screen to the motherboard. The LCD screen itself may be faulty, preventing it from correctly rendering the video information it receives.

Narrowing It Down

Generally speaking, you can narrow the cause of a wonky screen simply by connecting another monitor to the laptop. If the external monitor shows the exact same problems as your laptop screen, the problem lies where the video signals originate: the motherboard or video card. A perfect picture on the external monitor indicates a problem with the components responsible for receiving the video information, namely the video cable leading to the LCD screen or the screen itself.

Fixing the Problem

Regardless of whether the problem lies with the processing components or the screen itself, you'll have to do some disassembly to attempt a repair. Video cables are connected to the motherboard and the back of the LCD screen, meaning you'd have to take practically the whole laptop apart to check for loose connections. Faulty components, such as the motherboard or screen, require complete replacement to correct the issue. The schematics for your laptop may be located on the manufacturer's website, as well as replacement parts for your model.

Do It Yourself

While it's theoretically possible that you can repair the laptop yourself, the time and risk involved are genuine concerns. Laptop innards are tightly packed and not meant to be tinkered with by inexperienced hands. If you don't know what you're doing, you could very easily cause more damage than you're trying to fix. Save yourself time avoid further damage to the laptop by getting the help of an experienced technician to get the laptop back up and running.