Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

By Benny Taylor

Many laptops have loud cooling fans.
i laptop image by Du...¡an Zidar from Fotolia.com

There are several reasons why you may notice excessive noise from your laptop fan. If you are using the machine intensively in warm conditions this may be normal, but there are other factors that can cause this problem.


Although portable computers are commonly known as laptops, the documentation that came with your computer is likely to state that the manufacturer recommends it is used on a flat, solid surface.

If you use your laptop on a soft surface, such as loose clothing or a cushion, you may be blocking the fan outlets and restricting airflow, which can cause the fans to work hard to keep the machine cool. You may notice the fan quiets down if you use it on a table or desktop.


Your laptop should ideally be kept in an environment with little dust and regularly cleaned. If a lot of dust and debris has been sucked into the fan outlets, this can result in a noisy fan.


Purchase compressed-air sprays designed to blast dust away from electronic equipment--a good blast of air around the fan outlets could reduce the noise from the fan.

It is also worth checking with the computer manufacturer in case excessive noise from the fan is a known problem on your laptop model--if so, a software fix for this may be available.