Why Does My Laptop Beep?

by Sara Williams

Beeps coming from a computer are codes describing an error. The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), responsible for booting up your computer, generates these beeps. The beeps give you an idea, through codes, what is wrong with the computer.

Decoding the Beeps

Beep codes differ from computer to computer, based on either the brand of the computer or its motherboard. Since laptops are almost always branded, pre-built systems, the laptop manufacturer's website will list beep codes somewhere on its support pages. Go to the website and search "beep codes" to find this list.

Common Beep Causes

If your laptop beeps and does not boot up, the error is likely related to your random access memory (RAM) or motherboard. No RAM installed in a system will definitely cause a beep, because the laptop cannot boot up without it. If there is a motherboard failure, that is a more serious issue. Another likely cause of beeps on a laptop, and far less fatal, is a dying battery. In this case, charging the battery fixes the problem.

Stopping the Beeps

The only way to stop beeps is to fix the problem. If the beep code refers to RAM, try opening the back panel of the laptop, pulling the RAM out, and then putting the RAM back in. This is called "reseating." If nothing is showing on the screen, and RAM is not the issue, try booting up the laptop while connected to another monitor. If the laptop's video is working, then something will show up on the monitor.

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